Blackout - Mira Grant

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Blackout is the third and final book in the Newsflesh trilogy and boy was it a stunning read! I knew I just had to read this book ASAP as soon as I finished Deadline and was left with that awful – but amazing – cliffhanger. Just when I think Grant can’t get any better, she delivers more danger, more suspense, and shocking conspiracy. FYI, it’s really difficult to review a book that is chalk-full of plot spoilers for the previous books in the series, so I am going to do my best to not spoil anything.

The year is 2041. Shaun and the remaining team of After the End Times are in hiding from the CDC after their part in uncovering the truth. The Kellis-Amberly strain is mutating and spreading in ways that the Post-Rising world has never seen before. The US is losing territory to the infected and have declared Florida a lost cause. Alric’s little sister is stuck in Florida with no way out and it’s up to Shaun and the rest of the crew to get her out before the government abandons the state completely.

Whew! I thought Deadline was packed full of heart-pounding action but Grant kicked the intensity way up in Blackout. I devoured this 17 hour audiobook in ONE day! It was that hard to put down. The world building was as phenomenal as always and nothing was getting in my way of discovering the truth. Grant never fails to shock and awe and boy was I blown away by what I discovered.

I’ve been head-over-heels for the characters since Feed, but every book has me falling more in love. The best thing about these characters is they are always growing into something more. More flawed, more complexity, more awesomeness. The plot isn’t the only thing that manages to surprise me in every book I read from this author.

Its clear Grant knows what she wants from her books and she excels at executing it! Her books are heart-pounding, heartbreaking, and so addictive. If you are looking for characters that dig in deep, kick-ass zombie fiction, a conspiracy theory to last a lifetime, you need the Newsflesh Trilogy in your life! I am Grant’s newest fan and won’t be hesitating to pick up the Parasitology series!
The Narration

As always for Grant’s audiobooks, the narration for Blackout was superb. I was glad to see Paula Christenson was back, but I wish they had kept Chris Patton from Deadline for Shaun’s narration instead of changing it Goldstrom. Not that I didn’t enjoy his performance – he was excellent – but I was really attached to Patton and definitely missed him in Blackout. All-in-all, the narration was just as awesome as the book itself, so I can’t complain too much!