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I rarely buy books full price. I can’t afford it and I have a knack for seeking out decent deals, but in this instant, I was glad to fork over the money. I’m a huge sucker for Egyptian mythology and was so fascinated by the premise of Reawakened. Did anybody else watch Tutenstein on Discovery Kids as a child? It has a similar theme to the book and it made me jump for joy to discover this book.

After devouring Reawakened I can honestly say that while I had some issues with execution, I loved it! It was everything I could ask for in a mythological romance. This is another story I couldn’t put down and wound up staying up until I read every last page!

Let’s Chat Characters!

While Reawakened could never be described as “realistic fiction” (because when do you ever run into a thousand-year-old mummy?), Houck gave the supernatural story a realistic main character that I could relate to on a personal level.

Lilliana aka “Lily” was born to wealthy parents that see her see her more as an extension of success and wealth instead of an individual with her own desires and talents. Lily feels a tremendous amount of guilt for wanting a different life for herself. She often feels stifled by the wealth she was born into and craves independence and an emotional connection.

I completely relate to her struggles. I was born into a far from wealthy family, but it really doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, almost every child feels the weight of familial pressures and so it was pretty easy to relate to her, even though we live completely different lives.

Not to say she was a perfect main character. There were quite a few instances when she had the typical I’m-so-insecure female heroine moments and was completely blind to certain obvious situations, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t shrug off. J She is a teenager and deserved a few stupid moments.

Amon knelt in front of me, taking a new tissue to dab at my sticky cheeks, and sighed. “I have found over the centuries that my heart is of very little use to me.”

Let’s move on to the really fascinating character: the hero, our ancient sexy Egyptian-prince-slash-mummy, Amon. (ah-moan) Yeah, I see that look you are giving me, I did describe our mummy main character as “sexy.”

I promise he is not mummified for the entire book. If you watched Tutenstein as a kid like I did, erase Tut’s character from your mind. When Amon was awakened, he turned back to his flesh-filled mortal body.

This would have been a completely different sort of romance novel if that weren’t the case (and it probably wouldn’t be YA, either.)

Anywhoo, I enjoyed his character. There were so many facets to his personality. He was appropriately arrogant at times (probably goes with his title. I can’t say this accurately because I have never met an ancient prince. But if I had, I would assume he would be arrogant), surprisingly selfless and kind, frustratingly stubborn, but oddly sweet and innocent? Yeah, it’s a weird combination but it totally fits.

Oh, he also belly dances.

And wears man-skirts.

I gave his skirt a pointed look. “Um, I think the only place you would fit the dress code for would be a hot dog stand.”

Wrinkling his nose, he exclaimed, “You eat dogs? That is almost as bad as people!”

“No!” I snickered. “Boy, you are from out of town. Hot dogs are made from pork or beef.”

Can you see why Lily and I love him so? I bet you can, you pervert. (Welcome to the club!)


Oh, the plot was nice too, btw.

Before I start drooling, do you remember when I said I had a few issues with execution? I didn’t mean I hated the plot. I actually loved it. It was impressively complex and continued to surprise me with it’s twists and turns. The only issue I really ran into was that there was a large amount of info dumping. I know other bloggers mentioned this as well, but it’s only honest to mention I noticed this, too. There were clear opportunities Houck could have used to reveal info to Lily (and us readers) that would have been more entertaining if she hadn’t told us, but nobody is perfect so I’m not too disappointed!

I really enjoyed Reawakened by Colleen Houck. It was my first read from her, but I am sure I will be picking up her previous series. Without a doubt, I am eagerly anticipating the second book in The Reawakened series!