The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan
Do you ever finish a book and think, WTF did I just read? If you have, than you know what I was thinking when I finished The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I couldn’t coherently put into words how I felt about this book. I’m still not one hundred percent sure if I liked this book enough to give it this high a rating, but since I’m itching to read book two, I figured it meant something. One thing I do know for sure: Carrie Ryan is clearly one sadistic author.

4 Reasons Carrie Ryan is One Sadistic Lady

  • She spent three-fourths of the novel making me hate every one of the main characters, but by the end of the novel I had somehow forgiven them all for being such selfish, greedy characters and making their own desires more important than the lives of their loved ones. I had forgiven Mary for making her dreams more important than her loved ones and for being whiny and unsatisfied with generally everything. Jed for being the world’s worst big brother, Cass for letting jealousy ruin the best thing in her life and blindly following the Sisters without asking why. Harry and Travis for making a girl more important than family. (Bros before hoes, dudes!)
  • She heaps one bad thing after another on her MC’s ~ I honestly don’t know how authors can be so cruel to their main characters. I would grow way too attached and make them all live in a plastic bubble. This is probably why I am a reader and not an author.
  • She left unanswered questions that left me unsatisfied: How did the Unconsecrated (zombies) “return”? Why? When? I hate unanswered questions. I hope she answers my questions in the next couple of books or else I will be deeply disappointed.
  • That horrible cliffhanger.

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Can you see why I am so confused by my feelings for The Forest of Hands and Teeth?? On one hand, it was entertaining and Ryan’s writing hooked me almost instantly. On the other, I just wanted to punch all the characters until they started thinking like ration human beings. *sigh* If the second book, the Dead-Tossed Waves doesn't wow me, I probably won’t be able to continue the series for fear of losing brain cells from repeatedly bashing my head into the wall. Until then, give The Forest of Hands and Teeth a try to see how you enjoy it.

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