Memory Zero - Keri Arthur
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Dear Curvy Blogger

I picked up Memory Zero from the library on a whim the other day when I went to pick up and arm full of books off my hold shelf. I haven't read a thing from Keri Arthur in probably 3+ years, but I never could make it all the way through her Riley Jenson series so i decided to pick a book up of hers that had a different host of characters. The definition of sanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results, right? I try to remember that when forcing myself through a series I don't enjoy. (Doesn't always work for me so maybe I am a little crazy...)

Anyways, I enjoyed this one pretty well, though I think I will be enjoying book two more. This one was more background and world-building, and while I like both those things in my bookish entertainment, I need a little heat... and this had none. Very unusual experience since the Jenson series was pretty much all sex all the time! Ah, well. I didn't mind that Sam and Gabriel spent most of the time feeling each other out instead of feeling each other up. Her life was kind of falling about in Memory Zero. Kinda excited to see how the love interest plays out in Generation 18.

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