The Bone Season  - Samantha Shannon

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I loved The Bone Season so much it has left me in a pretty annoying review slump. I keep putting the review off because I have an irrational fear that my review is going to suck, so to push myself out of my review slump, I'm going to give it a small, less detailed review and finally move on.


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When I finally finished this book, I took the imitative to smack myself on the forehead for waiting so long to read The Bone Season. I put off reading this book for so long because I always fear I will hate those popular bestsellers that my friends in the book community always rave about. Instead, I wound up loving this and reading it in one night.

Paige aka "Pale Dreamer" is a mega-rare clairvoyant living in underground London because to live by-the-book in Scion London is to not be born clairvoyant. She's kidnapped by a race of unknown creatures whom see clairvoyants as a meal ticket and the perfect unwilling army to die for their cause.

I enjoyed Paige as a main character because she is strong and even though she is terrified to die, she is unwilling to give up the "freedom" of her underground life in London to become the otherworldly slavers' newest punching bag. Most clairvoyants forced to live in Oxford just give in to the fact that they are enslaved to the Rephaim and don't bother to fight their fate, but Paige is not satisfied with the protection her trainer Warden gives her as Consort to the ruler of the Rephaim.

Like my friend Tika @ fANGIRL confessions and other bloggers have stated, The Bone Season doesn't need to come with an instruction manual, because everything new about this fantasy world can be learned through context clues (and the glossary at the back of the book if necessary, but it wasn't for me). I appreciate that the author didn't bother to make up words in an attempt at creating an original fantasy novel - or make up the spelling of words (major pet peeve right there) - because the extraordinary world building in The Bone Season does the job all on its own. :)

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