Black Bird, Vol. 4 - Kanoko Sakurakouji
Dear Reader,

After finishing four books in the Black Bird series, I’ve come to understand something about Kanoko Sakurakouji: She’s a damn sadist. She loves those horrible cliffhangers that make a reader want to face plant a desk. And yet I can’t get enough!

I really can’t.

I just sjdsfhdsfdldhfg *sob* I’m so addicted it’s painful.

I need to learn her secrets.

❥ ❥ ❥

*breathes deeply* I will try to finish this review without spontaneously combusting.

Some things you should know about the fourth volume of Black Bird:
  1. It starts with a nice and spicy make-out scene between Kyo and Misao. Nothing shows a promising read with some heavy breathing in the first scene. ©_©
  2. The Tengu men are a horny bunch. Though if you’ve been reading my reviews of the previous stories, you’ve probably realized this. Just thought it was worth repeating. I’d totally get along with these dudes if they were real peeps. Why can’t fictional characters be reeaaaal? *sob*
  3. After Kyo completely whoops the last Kitsune leader’s ass, a new heir to the throne appears. An heir whom happens to be Kyo’s best friend, Tadanobu. Did I mention they met when Kyo accidentally dropped his porn stash on Tadanobu’s head? It was bromance at first glance!
  4. In the first two novels, Misao is this timid, shy creature that took great pleasure in slapping away Kyo’s roaming hands (and I take great pleasure watching her slap him around, it’s just too funny), but in the last couple of volumes, we see she is emerging from her timid shell, and expressing some bad-ass bravery. Stupidity as well, but let’s not pretend these two personality traits are in any way mutually exclusive.
  5. Misao makes a new friend! She stumbles into one of her father’s folklore students who can also see the supernatural creatures that Misao has always been plagued by. It’s totally friends for life . . . until she meets her new friend’s boyfriend. ::sad face::
  6. May cause irreversible addiction if not read in moderation. One Curvy Blogger is not responsible for any damage/fees associated with a Back Bird addiction. Read at your own risk.

Did you make any sense out of this review?



Sorry not sorry.

Impatient and addicted,

One Curvy Blogger

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