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Dear Readers,

I am back once more with a review of volume three of Black Bird, one of my all-time favorite manga series these days. I’m excited to note the third volume has some wicked hot scenes that the first two volumes didn’t hold. Of course, it could definitely be hotter, but beggars can’t be choosers. Heh. Also, this may be “older teen” manga, but it’s still teen so they have to be a little more *ahem* subtle with the drawings. ::sad face::

"I want to make her give up everything . . . and fill her up with me."

Fortunately, this book held the same perverted silly humor that the first two boasted, so it makes sense that I enjoyed myself just as much. The only reason I lowered the rating is because of the disappointing cliffhanger that I detested, I was pretty satisfied by this edition.

“This is a world of kill or be killed.”

Black Bird Volume III begins with the Tengu Clan Leader’s (Kyo) command for the daitengu to search for the Senka roku, a true story of the only known successful marriage of a Senka bride of demon prophecy. This marriage was to a clan leader of the Kitsune clan, the Tengu Clan’s bitter enemy. They soon realize they won’t be able to gain the permission needed from the Kitsune Clan, especially since Kyo doesn’t believe the future Kitsune Clan Leader is really as willing to give up his mischievous plans to make Misao his bride, willingly or not.

This uneasy revelation causes Kyo to enroll Hoki (the youngest of the eight bodyguards) into school with Misao as added protection, since he can't always be by her side while teaching. While in books one and two, Kyo appears to have hidden reasons for wanting to marry Misao, in volume three it is rather obvious that he cares for her a great deal – even loves her – by his overprotective ways. He also creates a charm for Misao out of his primary feathers that shows the demon world how much he cares for her - and wards off lesser demons – and show’s Misao how much he is willing to sacrifice to keep her safe. Tengu demons can only clip so many primary feathers or they risk being unable to fly.

With this he proves his love and affection, and for the first time in her life, she is able to hang out with her friends outside of school without fear of klutzy run-ins with pesky demons.DSCN0118

I enjoyed how noticeably this book shows the growth in Kyo’s relationship with Misao. Kyo is gentler with her and affectionate, but he doesn't hesitate to call Misao out on her BS when necessary.

Misao has quit denying her love for Kyo, and has grown into her new role (as the Tengu Clan Leader’s future bride) with added grace, even while plagued with the worry that she will never see her family and friends once she and Kyo marry. Instead of resigning herself to becoming Kyo’s biggest weakness, she strives to show him how strong she can be, even when scared witless.

It’s definitely true that I’m enjoying this series, but sheesh I wish authors would stop with the horrid cliffhangers. I know many readers like them, but I am impatient and curious by nature. IT’S TORTURE I TELL YOU. TORTURE.

Impatient and itching for more,

✿One Curvy Blogger

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