Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dear Readers,

I have been a longtime fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon since middle school. (For the mothers out there, don’t leave your smut out where impressionable tweens can learn about sex and become addicted to HEAs like I did . . . though my addiction probably started after finishing the Harry Potter series, my mom’s Nora Roberts collection did not help.) During my blogging hiatus I decided I wanted to go back to a few old favorites, and *finally* read them in order, because it still bothers me, years later, when I don’t go in chronological order. . . I know, I need to seek professional help. But who has the money for that shit?

If you’ve ever delved into Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series, it is so flipping hard to figure out what book is numero uno, so I decided to start with the companions that began before the series starts, so I don’t feel guilty about not reading them first. Kenyon, I love your work, but it drives me fucking crazy that nothing is in order properly. Please let me organize the shit out of your books. Please?

Fantasy Lover features Grace Alexander, a sex therapist who has sworn off sex forever . . . until one night of drinking accidentally conjures up Julian of Macedon, once a mighty Spartan leader, and now cursed to be a sex slave for whomever calls him up. One Grace learns he’s not some perv running around her house naked, and that it’s her fault a naked stranger is in her living room, she is not pleased. I love Grace as a character, but these are the times I have to question her sanity. If a naked, perfectly built stud graced my living room, I would not be making him wear clothes . . . I can’t be the only one who feels this way!

You should pick up your own copy of Fantasy Lover if . . .
  • If you like your smut with a heaping spoonful of humor
  • If you’ve ever wanted your own sex slave
  • You’ve ever wanted a big, hunk of love to rescue you from your self-esteem issues
  • You heart sarcastic heroines just as much as I do <3
  • If you’d do anything to keep your sex slave to yourself
  • If you enjoy a sadistic author every once in awhile

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed this book very much. Although Fantasy Lover doesn’t stand a chance against a lot of the later books in the series, it holds a special place in my heart. And my vag. *ahem* Fantasy Lover is well written, humorous yet heart-rending. If you dig immortal stud muffins without fangs and a lust for blood, you’ll love Julian, and you’ll love Fantasy Lover.

~ One Curvy Blogger

P.S. If you hate smutty, sarcastic, laugh out loud romance, ignore this review. In fact, please ignore this blog . . . I don’t think we’re the right fit for you. ;)



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