Private Practice - Samanthe Beck
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I picked up Private Practice not expecting much. The premise is so silly for an adult novel, and far too cliché for this genre. Love triangles are a theme in romance that I generally try to steer clear of, but this one had to be read. Mostly because I picked up the second book on Night Owl Reviews and it bothers me to start in the middle of the series. I must stop this behavior. It's really becoming a problem for me.

Anywhoo, I found myself very involved in this novel, despite my early reservations. I admit, I thought it would be crap on toast. Thankfully, it was not. It was a fun, amusing read that was surprisingly erotic. . . I swear, it is always the quite ones. And I like it.

Dr. Ellie Swan is back in Bluelick, Kentucky, her home town, to set up her on general doctor's office, but also to keep an eye on her newly diagnosed, diabetic father, who is also a drunk that never appreciated what he had in Ellie. To say I didn't like him (at first) would be like me saying the last few books of the Anita Blake series didn't confuse the hell out of me. (They did confuse me, friends. Very much so!) I do gravitate towards romance novels that have familial conflicts that end in happily ever after's. It probably stems from my own daddy issues, but let's put that aside for now.

Enter Tyler Longfoot, the small town bad boy that everybody loves to sleep with, but hates to take seriously. . . or so he thinks. He stumbles into an unorthodox deal with Ellie soon after she arrives; he'll help her become a more educated seductress in the sack (WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN SMARTS ARE SEXY), if she promises to keeps quite about him getting shot in the tush by his drunk best friend. What could possibly go wrong with this deal?

Well, he could accidentally develop feelings for the doctor who is using his body like a blow up doll, which makes her plans to seduce the newly single and "experienced" Roger Reynolds into falling in love with her just a little big tricky - considering she is having a hard time resisting Tyler, herself. And not just physically - although there is a whole lotta physical in this book. Definitely a plus, but I was completely surprised by it.

The premise of this story is not exactly rocket science. I pretty much saw where this was going when I picked up the book. But the execution was great, and the writing superb. I had a fun time with the characters as well. There were a lot of laughs to be had between the pages of Private Practice. It seemed like every character, from the bartender to Mallory, Ellie's new best friend, were well developed; they could have been real people!  I had a fun time in this town, and I can't wait to re-visit it in the next book.

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