Light Her Fire - Samanthe Beck

Light Her Fire is the second book in Beck’s Private Pleasures series. I didn’t think the sequel could top my love for Private Practice, but never have I been so happy to be wrong. Beck brings back the heat hotter than ever, adds in an intriguing arsonist on the lam in Bluelick, and made me fall head over damp panties with one delicious Chief Josh Bradley, a man who doesn’t just put out the fires in the small town of Bluelick. . . he’s the culprit of many, especially the ones starring good girl Melody Merrick and her newly found naughty side.

One of my favorite things about Samanthe Beck is that I can tell she has a funny sense of humor. She has so far succeeded in showing that wicked sense of humor in each of her books. I enjoy my sexy romances with a nice sized dollop of laugh out loud moments, and I can always trust Beck to deliver.

Josh Bradley is the new fire Chief in Bluelick, but he doesn’t plan on sticking around for long. His dream is to head a fire department with a little more excitement than hooligans leaving flaming turds on a grouchy old man’s porch. Things get a little more exciting than he plans when he realizes the small time fires that keep cropping up around town are anything but accidents.

“You’re not on vacation, Bluelick, no sitting while I do all the work. I’m going to give you my tongue again. This time I expect you to use it. We’re going right to the edge, but not over. Understand?”

From his small, yet memorable part in Private Practice, I knew I would like Josh’s character, and not just because he was naked, okay not only because he was naked, but because I knew he would be a fun, kinky character, so I was excited to read his story. Chief Bradley definitely delivers in Light Her Fire. He’s a foul mouthed city boy who could give a lady an orgasm just by talking dirty to her. He’s not the romantic type, but the way he use his tongue appears to be romance enough for Melody. . . and for me too! If only he weren’t a fictional character. *sigh*

Okay, maybe she’d attempted to be more than friendly when they’d talked, but even ten years out of practice, she’d picked up on his interest. No. Scratch that. “Interest” was far too civilized a word. Stumbling into his tractor-beam gaze had been like getting sucked into a vortex of fuck-lust.

Not only was Bradley’s character fun, I enjoyed Melody’s as well. After her ten year relationship with her ex-fiancé goes down the toilet, she’s ready to shed her good girl image and go after what she wants. . . a casual good time with Bluelick’s newest fire chief. She finds a wicked good time, but is casual enough for her? Not if Chief Bradley’s sexy moves have anything to say about it.

It’s interesting to note that even though Melody was the head cheerleader in a small town, she was a nice one. She isn’t the cliché queen bitch that most characters turn out to be in these small town reads. I’m glad the author went a different way for Melody (and the whole small town, really), because I couldn’t see her as anybody but nice girl with a big heart, and dirty fun in the sack. It’s a nice take on an overused cliché, and I loved it! I’m a huge fan of small town romances, and Bluelick has made my list of favorites.

I had a fun time in this town. Once again, Bluelick and its people has made it’s way into my heart. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for more from Samanthe Beck. I recommend this series for all my contemporary romance friends - It will not disappoint!

❤ - I received this book for free from Night Owl Reviews in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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