Wolf with Benefits - Shelly Laurenston

This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger

Wolf With Benefits is one of two of the books in the Pride series that wasn't a re-read for me. I hadn't gotten around to reading it until October and once I realized it featured a She-jackal, I was thrilled! They've been mentioned in previous Pride books but never have we had a jackal main character until this book. Shelly Laurenston brought the ridiculously funny to a whole new level with the Jean-Louis Parker jackal family.

Toni's parents had 11 kids, all of them prodigies except her. One is an artist, one a mathmetician, one a musician, etc all except Toni. What does she do? She babysits the other children and makes sure they don't kill one another. This family was sooo amusing, I kind of wish the story focused on the family instead of the romance. Weird, I know - but they were entertaining as hell!

Wolf With Benefits was actually a surprising read. I never expected the outcome that took place, even though I could clearly tell something was up. This book was a fun, refreshing addition to the Pride series.