Nightfall (Dark Age Dawning #1) - Ellen Connor
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I found Nightfall while I exploring the "post-apocalyptic" genre on Goodreads. I went into this novel skeptically after spotting a few discouraging reviews. Thankfully they didn't sway me from purchasing this hidden gem (because ZOMBIES). I absolutely love this genre, but it can be a tad difficult to find enjoyable end-of-the-world themed novels. Thankfully, I found Nightfall to be a unique take to the zombie apocalypse genre.

When I started this novel, I stepped into a whole new world. People are dying. You either are attacked and turned by rabid "wolves," eaten, or die trying to turn into one. The author's created an apocalyptic world similar, but far more complex than the average zombie novel. The imagery is so real, so descriptive, that the reader becomes a character, terrified and trapped in a world overrun by evil beasts that become smarter by the minute. And we all know a smart zombie is a deadly zombie. I definitely did not get much sleep the night I read this. When I did finally doze off, I'm pretty sure I was hiding under the covers with a stuffed animal... It's that real.

I also loved the main characters, even though there were times I wanted to shake the stupid out of them (if only it were that easy). Mason and Jenna have been attracted to each other ever since he kidnapped her and saved her life. It's interesting to note, that even while Mason saved her life, and knows a bit about surviving an apocalypse, Jenna is the stronger of the two. One of the main themes of the novel is The more adaptable and flexible you were in your old life, the better you’re going to handle this one. (I really would not last in this world. I don't adapt well to a change in cereal, much less a change in the entire word as we know it).

Since Jenna is the more emotionally capable partner, Mason leans on her for emotional support and her social skills (which really does come in handy when dealing with strangers), while she leans on him for his survival and military experience. It's nice to see a couple in an apocalyptic world actually need each other for reasons other than the world is ending and we're likely the last people on Earth. Let's make babies scenario.

All-in-all, a spectacular book for those of us who like post-apocalyptic romance novels that will have you panting in fear and needing an extra pair of panties!

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