Control - Charlotte Stein
I might have found another author as kinky—or even kinkier (but probably not)—than the Queen of Kink herself, Tiffany Reisz. CONTROL features some lovely erotic spankings, humiliating cross-dressing, hot domination and submission and much more! If any of these things make you shudder (and not in a good way), I would recommend you turn around now. If you're curious of all things naughty, welcome aboard the kinky train!

So there really wasn't many characters in the 200 plus pages of this book. Andy is the cliche'd bad boy. He's tattooed, dominate, but a regular asshole (when he's not giving Maddie screaming orgasms, that is).

Gabe is beautiful, buttoned-up, and lives to take orders. He's the clean freak to Maddie's unorganized self. He's madly attracted to Maddie, but has a hard time telling her what he wants. He's great at taking orders—hell, he loves it—but he's terrible at telling her what he wants.

Maddie is the slutty owner of a slutty bookstore and she wants Gabe. She might be screwing a tattooed god, but she'd rather have Gabe bent over her bed, obeying her every order.

There is nothing in this book that I have read before. I described this book to a friend as "literary erotica mixed with dirty, dirty sex." I know I will never read another other book like CONTROL, and I can't wait to read more Charlotte Stein originals.