Flirting With Danger - Claire Baxter
It's been some time since I've had the pleasure of reading a book with sexy firefighting men and women battling dangerous situations and falling in love. I'm so glad I ended my drought with FLIRTING WITH DANGER. It's a little bit cliche and a lot of fun. Grab a glass of wine, put your tired feet up, and prepare to have your fire quenched by one Tall, Dark and Delicious man, and a woman who finally realizes she has sex appeal, and how much she likes it.

FLIRTING WITH DANGER is a story about two people whose pasts—and job—keep them from love and happiness. Both Jasmine and Aaron have had bad luck in the luck department, so in order to prevent themselves from pain, they wall themselves off from emotional heartbreak in completely opposite ways.

For Jasmine, she uses baggy clothing and her tomboy nature to keep men in the friend zone, and to prove she's not like her tramp of a mother, who used her beauty to manipulate the men in her life and made her husband miserable. Jasmine has hidden the womanly side of her so well, she doesn't even realize how much she liked dressing up and looking pretty until Aaron shows her how to let loose and live a little.

Although Jasmine for the most part was a very interesting character, she was "teenage-esque" in her initial attraction for Aaron. Anytime there was a woman within two feet of him, the claws would come out and I wanted to smack her around a bit. Not too much, just to get the point across (I'm not usually the violent type, I swear!) Some jealousy is expected, but jeez lady, take a Xanax. She did seem to mellow out as the novel progressed, so I was content to continue reading. Plus, the story was just too good for some petty jealousy to keep me from enjoying it!

Aaron took a completely opposite route when it comes to keep others at arm's length. He serial dated what seemed like a different lady every night, and only the kind of lady that knew the score—a night or two, but no relationships and no commitment. Since the author lets it known (to the reader) his reason for "serial dating," I couldn't fault him for acting the way he did. He never made promises, and he never lied.

This story was hugely entertaining for me, and oddly steamy for a story without sex! It's a good thing Aaron and Jasmine are trained to put out fires, because they did a great job of heating up the electronic pages of this book! (So I'm cheesy, deal with it.)

I would recommend this book to just about any romance reader. It's humorous, hot, and written very well. I'll be reading more from Claire Baxter in the future, that's for sure.

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