Normal - Graeme Cameron
I picked up Normal because I was absolutely fascinated by the idea of reading a love story (notice I didn’t call Normal a romance novel) written in the POV of a serial killer, because I have been fascinated with serial killers for years. What makes them tick, how they do it, why they kill people, what turns them into humans that kill and mutilate other humans – these are only a few questions that have plagued me since I first heard the term “serial killer.” So it was not a complete surprise that I absolutely loved reading Normal.

However, there comes a point in a reader’s life-long love of fiction where contemporary fiction needs to be semi-believable to sway the reader. If contemporary fiction wasn’t in some shape or form realistic it wouldn’t be contemporary fiction, instead it would be fantasy. I freely admit that I loved this novel, but it wasn’t in any way believable (to me) that a sociopathic serial killer whom has killed people for as long as This Guy has, could change his stripes in the short amount of time as it takes Him to spot a beautiful girl in a grocery store a couple of times and instantly realize what he does sickens him. He has murdered since he was a kid – how the hell is he only just figuring out what he does is horrible? Plus, he was entirely inconsistent with whom he killed and how he went about it. I realize that not all serial killers stick to a strict MO but there is usually consistency when it comes to victimology, and He is anything but consistent. I also question how he hasn’t been caught yet because some of his clean up procedures were incorrect! I was correcting this dude’s serial killing ... This probably says something bad about me, and not the author ...

Not only was the MO inconsistent, there were too many unanswered questions for my taste. This probably wouldn’t irritate readers who aren't as nosy, but it bothered me. I don’t consider this a fault of the author, however, because Cameron wanted Normal this way. He wanted to create a character that could be anybody, so he tried to answer as few questions as possible that could describe the killer as a man. At the end of the book, I could probably describe his house better than I could describe the man. No name, no description of the man, no idea what he does to afford a custom-built cage under his garage. The unknown didn’t seem to bug Tika as much as it did me, but I know Blessie had a couple of questions she wants to be answered, herself.

Regardless of how irked I was by the idea that a serial killer of This Guy’s caliber could fall in love, I enjoyed reading Normal. I probably wouldn’t re-read it while house-sitting in a strange house, but I could see myself reading more from this author. Especially if he decides to write a follow-up book or at least a spin-off because I hated that dang cliffhanger!

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