Alice 19th, Vol. 1: Lotis Master - Yu Watase

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Alice 19th is a shojo romance story of Alice Seno, known around school as “Mayura’s little sister.” She’s pining for Kyo, a boy whom both Alice and her older sister love. Along the way, she meets a bunny that isn’t any bunny. She appears to be a mystical bunny who turns into a person with rabbit ears! And according to the bunny-person-thing (dammit, what was her name again? The book says it, but I couldn’t be bothered to go look – it’s 2AM!), she’d been looking for Alice, and wants to teach her how to become a Lotis Master, a person who's able to control powerful words. However, first the bunny-person-thing has to teach her how to become assertive and outspoken.

Why Lotis Master deserves some attention...

  • Alice 19th is a whimsical shojo romance that has many similarities to Alice in Wonderland (no shit).
  • It’s a unique teen romance, but it also has lessons that can apply to life.
  • It’s a silly novel. It was adventurous and funny! I always respond well to funny books, and there’s nothing wrong with silly if it’s entertaining. J
  • It features a talking bunny. Nothing is better than bunnies that talk. . . except maybe talking cats. Maybe in the next volume!

One situation this – and all manga writers – need to work on:

THESE. DANG. CLIFFHANGERS. The only thing about manga that I hate is they always end in a cliffhanger! Well, not always, but Alice 19th Volume I sure does. >.>

I had a blast reading this book. It went by far too fast for my taste, and now I’m searching ebay for the entire series. Do you know how pricey manga gets? Ugh. Anyways, if you're looking for fun, adventure, and romance, I’d say pick up this school-life shoujo and give it a whirl. :D

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