Classic Goosebumps - Return of the Mummy - R.L. Stine, Kirby Heyborne

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R.L. Stine was one of my first favorite authors growing up and the goosebumps series my first fiction love. When I saw my library had the new classic goosebumps audiobooks, I was thrilled! I never did read every single goosebumps book like I wanted to, and I have wanted to delve back into the series since I have found a new love for middle grade books this year.

Return of the Mummy is the second mummy book in the classic goosebumps series. Gabe's Uncle Ben, a famous archaeologist, invites him back to Egypt to explore a new, previously undiscovered tomb. He is thrilled he might be part of uncovering a new tomb, but he's not thrilled to have to put up with his know-it-all cousin Sari again.

You might not be aware of this, but I love all things Ancient Egyptian so it was exciting to be on this journey with Gabe and Sari, even if their teasing and pranks made me roll my eyes a bit. Mostly because it felt a lot like growing up with two annoying brother. ;)

The plot was pretty simple, but it's expected with these books. It didn't get in the way of my enjoyment and there was a few plot twists that really shocked me! I would have given this a solid four starts if it wasn't for that classic, but super annoying cliffhanger that R.L. Stine is known for. I saw it coming, but siggghhhhhh. Cliffhangers really bug me these days.

I was planning to scour my favorite used bookstores for more goosebumps books, but after enjoying the narration that Kirby Heyborne brought to this book, I so want to see what Scholastic Audio has in store for the rest of the series! He really made Return of the Mummy come alive. I just borrowed the first mummy book The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb and it looks like he's narrated this one too. I'm so excited to visit Egypt with Gabe again and see what sort of spooky mischief he and Sari got up to in this one.

I recommend Return of the Mummy to anyone who loves middle grade horror. If you haven't tried R.L. Stine's classic goosebumps books, what on earth are you waiting for?!