Love Under Two Wranglers - Cara Covington

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Dear Curvy Blogger

 Love Under Two Wranglers is the sexiest book I've read in quite a while. Lately I've moved away from the genre, probably for the same reason this book wasn't a favorite ... because it just wasn't anything new to me. Sure I loved the main characters, what book junkie wouldn't love a not-so-virginal librarian and two very un-virginal cowboys who love to read? But I've read it before. I wasn't an erotic menage that is sexy and new and exciting! So while I enjoyed Love Under Two Wranglers I didn't fall head over heels for it. I might try to read the other books in the Lusty, Texas series, because what an awesome name for a town! And a whole town devoted to menage marriages? Woot. Count me in!

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