When An Alpha Purrs (A Lion's Pride) (Volume 1) - Eve Langlais

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3.5 stars

What I loved about When an Alpha Purrs is how fun it was to read. Langlais’s shifter romances − well, her books period − is that they were written solely to entertain. They are hilarious, ridiculous and oh so much fun. Lainglais is the author to pick up when you are in a book funk after a heavy read. I read this book when I had just finished the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant and holy cow did I need a distraction.

Arik is the head honcho of the largest East Coast pride and CEO of Castiglione Enterprises. He and Kira meet when he goes to his favorite barber in need of a trim and is shocked and annoyed to find out his favorite barber is out-of-town and left his sassy and delicious granddaughter Kira in charge. Arik would usually never leave his precious mane in the hands of a woman, much less a hairdresser, but he’s in a bind and needs a trim so he grudgingly allows Kira to cut his hair.

Oh Arik, don’t you know not to antagonize the person in charge of cutting your hair? Usually I’m not a fan of childish, sexist heroes but it’s hard not to love the big baby! He and Kira are such a fun couple, especially since Kira is so good at calling Arik on his bullshit in the funniest of ways.