No Limits - Lori Foster
I went and purchased No Limits right after I had finished Holding Strong for its book tour. I knew as a diehard fan of Lori Foster that I would probably enjoy No Limits, but I didn’t realize how familiar it would be. So I went to my kindle app and what do you know, I had received a review copy from the publisher last year and completely forgot to review it! Whoops. Guess it’s karma that I went and spent almost eight bucks on a book I already had. *sigh* since I love the author, I wasn’t too upset, but sometimes I just have to *facepalm* at the dumb shit I do when my brain fails to hold on to things.

Regardless of my stupidity, it did not affect my love of this book. I’ve had the hots for Cannon since he first appeared in Getting Rowdy and was glad when his book was just as awesome as I thought it would be – even the second time around! He is fucking sexy in this book, even more so when he’s incredibly sexually frustrated. *grin* I’m not going to write a big review for this one because I didn’t take the time to write up notes for No Limits. I pretty much went ham on Cannon and Yvette after finishing Holding Strong. Nothing was gonna keep me for getting in some sexy time with my favorite MMA fighter of all time!

If you love a sexy sports romance, why haven’t you picked up Lori Foster yet? She has to be the first MMA romance writer that kick started the MMA sport taking off in contemporary romance. I believe she wrote her first in the early 2000s, but I could be wrong. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is READ THIS FREAKING BOOK.

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